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Hydra Properties is changing the landscape of the UAE by building Hydra Village an eco-friendly, smart, gated community situated at the entrance of Abu Dhabi that offers the convenience of a self-sustained small-scale city, blended with the comfort derived by an uptown community. Hydra Village is a natural extension of Hydra Properties’ philosophy and is designed to offer tenants with all the smart home technologies, conveniences, facilities and comforts associated with modern day living while maintaining its eco-friendly status and a clear focus on green living. Hydra Properties has designed Hydra Village with a clear focus on environmental conservation. Key initiatives in this regard include energy conservation through built in insulation, the use of energy saving electrical fitments and weather-stripping, in addition to the creation of recycle points around Hydra Village. The Village will also boast a highly robust water conservation programme that will focus on more efficient practices of capturing water for use through water storage or conservation projects. In addition to the eco-friendly and smart home benefits that Hydra Village offers, the project’s strategic location in Reef, is an ideal location for both prospective tenants from the fast developing areas in Dubai such as Jebel Ali, Tecom, Industrial City etc. to those from the national capital Abu Dhabi.


Traffic Impact Study, internal roads and infrastructure design of Hydra Village (Al Reef) located in Al Reef Palace Sector on Plot No.C1 in AL Shahama Area at the entrance of Abu Dhabi City.

Client name:

Hydra Properties, an innovative leader in the UAE real estate development arena Tamouh Investment, L.L.C.Abu Dhabi-based Tamouh Investments is the primary developer of a number of key projects including the Marina Square, the City of Lights, Fantasy Island, Meena Hotel and Towers, and Royal group Headquarters.


October 2007

Total Land Area:

102 Hectare (1,021,908 Square meters)


Hydra Village offers the convenience of a self-sustained small-scale city, blended with the comfort derived by an uptown community. A constellation of town houses served by a green area of recreational parks and open spaces, and sprinkled with top-notch facilities and an impressive utilities infrastructure that turn Hydra Village into an inviting community. The proposed developments would be designed to cater the following functions: mosques, Kindergartens, elementary schools, numerous shopping arcades, a clubhouse and a clinic.

The village will comprise of 2,507 town houses, 18 apartment buildings, two kindergartens, two elementary schools, one club house, seven local commercial centers, one central mosque, six local mosques and six hundred square meters of offices. The total useful floor area (footprint area) when completed is approximately 246,909 m2 and about 446,050 m2 of Gross Floor Area (GFA).

The total land use of the project can be summarized below:
The project site covers 1,021,908.156 square meters (102 hectares) of land. The proposed project of Hydra Village consists of five main parts and can be described as follow:

Residential: This includes 2507 town houses range from 2 bedrooms with a total built up area of 135 m2 up to 6 bedrooms of a total built up area of 375 m2, 18 apartment buildings having 480 units (160 studios, 200 one bedroom and 120 two bedrooms).
Open Spaces: This includes green areas, parks and recreational areas with a total area of 45,251.
Commercial: This includes numerous shopping arcades placed at the heart of city and scattered around as well varying in areas with a total built up area of 6,100 m2
Education: This includes two kindergarten and two private schools with a total built up area of 30,964.
Community: This includes administration offices and governmental services, a clubhouse that will be the main gathering place for the community, six local mosques with a capacity of 200 persons and a central mosque with a capacity of 1000 people. The community part will have a total built up area of 39,259m2

Scope of work:

As a sub-consultant CRTC has carried out the following scope of work:

  • Master planning support
  • Traffic impact study
  • Internal roads design
  • Development access design
  • Storm, potable and foul water networks design
  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Network Design
  • Street Lighting Design
  • Site access, circulation and parking design
  • Authorities approval

Nine and half billion Dirhams, ($2,690,000,000)