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The project site covers 65,750 square feet (6,110 square meters/0.6 Hectare) of land plot.The plot size is 263’ (80m) by 250’(76.2m). The two towers (26 floors each) of ADM FECC will comprise FECC showrooms, laboratories and offices and the cafeteria dedicated for FECC employees and guests and one restaurant. It is anticipated that the entire project will be completed by the year 2011. FECC is in charge of ensuring the safety of food for human consumption and the safety of the environment within the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Project Description

The proposed project of FECC Towers consists of four main parts and can be described as follows:

  • Showrooms: This includes around GFA of 5300 m2 for FECC showrooms
  • FECC offices and labs: This includes Food and Environmental Control Centre laboratories with a total GFA of 4,500 m2 and FECC offices with a total GFA of 2,500 m2
  • Lease Business offices: this include business offices located in the second floor up to the twenty sixth floors with a total GFA of 60,320 m2
  • Restaurant: A 787 m2 restaurant will be located in the nineteenth floor.

The development will provide a total of 994 parking spaces including four basement parking floors and ground level off-street parking spaces.


Abu Dhabi Municipality


Traffic Impact Study of the Abu Dhabi Municipality Food and Environmental Control Centre, sector 11, plot P2, Abu Dhabi.

Project Location

The proposed project is located in East 11 sector; plot number P2; surrounded by the four lanes Al Salam Street on its East, three lanes The 13th Street on its North, two lanes The 10thStreet on its West, and one lane one directional The 15th Street on its South.

Role of RTC Consultants

RTC Consultants have been appointed to conduct a Traffic Impact Study for the above project to ensure that the roadways and junctions within the study area would operate at satisfactory levels of service with the additional traffic generated by the Project.

Scope of Works
  • Development Trip Generation
  • Parking requirements and design.
  • Site Access and Circulation.
  • Liaising with ADM (if required)
  • Liaising with the Traffic Police
  • Development trip distribution, modal split and trip assignment.
  • Traffic Impact and Queue Analysis of the proposed development.
  • Traffic accessibility and parking Report (A brief report outlining the number of trips that will be generated by the proposed development, the capacity of the internal roads, the required number of parking spaces, parking design and site access and circulation issues).
  • Addressing and incorporating comments.
Total Area

65,750 square feet

Project Value

Over $250 Million

Project Completion Date

For more information please contact
Mona Nasr,