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The new Ministries Complex Project which will house 28 ministries is being constructed in Khalifa City, and the Construction will be in three phases. The proposed project comprises mainly 172,879 m2 of office land use and 60 dwelling units .

Project Description

The Ministries Complex consists of two main parts, a public area and a semi public area. The public area includes business centre, service centre and visitor’s apartments building and the semi public area includes ten ministries building. The building of the Prime Minister is a single building and the other nine buildings are organized in groups of three. It has to be noted that the project site covers 588,000 square meters (59 hectares) of land and the Office land use includes many small functions that serves the facility including library, lecture halls, restaurant, supermarket, business center etc. In addition, a Celebration Hall with a capacity of 2,850 seats is included in the business center. It is anticipated that the entire project will be completed by the year 2011.


Traffic Impact Study for the new Ministries Complex in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Project Location

The proposed project is located at the south eastern quadrant of the intersection of the Airport Road with Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road along the Airport Road.


Emirates Real Estate Corporation

Role of RTC Consultants

RTC Consultants have been appointed by GMP to prepare a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the new Ministries Complex Project. The purpose of the TIS is to determine the impact of the traffic generated by the proposed development on the surrounding transportation network and identify what improvements may be required to adequately and safely accommodate the project’s traffic.

Scope of works
  • Automatic and Manual traffic counts for the surrounding road network( Intersections and road segments)
  • Development Trip Generation
  • Traffic Impact Analysis of the proposed development
  • Parking requirements and design
  • Site Access and Circulation
  • Traffic Impact Study Report
  • Liaising with ADM and addressing ADM comments
Total Land Use

588,000 Square Meters

Project Value

136 Million US$

Project Completion

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