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P I School Accommodation is located in Sas Al Nakheel, the main land of the city of Abu Dhabi. The project objective is to create work and live environment for PI School’s staff.

Project Description

P I School Accommodation consists of four building in its premises which contain nine flats on each floor. The P I S consists of the following:

Building A (G+2): Total 27 Flats in 4416 sq.m

Building B (G+3): Total 36 Flats in 5816 sq.m

Building C (G+4): Total 45 Flats in 7216 sq.m

Building D (G+4): Total 45 Flats in 7216 sq.m

It consists of typical enlarged living areas and it has special adjoining accommodations for the staff with areas to work and study. It also consists of separate rooms for staff and maid’s room with attached bath as a whole and dressing rooms with large living area for casual dining and features discreetly screened kitchenettes. P I School Accommodation consists of outdoor gaming facilities such as lawn tennis court, football field and a large green area.

Roof level includes chilled water pumped room, G.S.M room, motor control centre room, store room, booster and filtration room. The Service Block houses the electrical services including emergency generators, mechanical and HVAC services and equipment. Additional mechanical/electrical areas are located on each floor.

Project Location

The proposed project is located in Sas Al Nakheel Area (Umm El Nar) at the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Abu Dhabi-Dubai expressway (E 10) and Abu Dhabi – Al Ain expressway (E22).



Role of RTC Consultants

RTC Consultants has been appointed by Al Torath Consultant Group to prepare a Traffic Impact Study for the proposed P I School Staff Accommodation located in Sas Al Nakheel district of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Scope of Works

As a Sub- Consultant RTC has carried out the following tasks:

  • Liaising with Department of Transport and Abu Dhabi Traffic Police Inception Meeting
  • Traffic Counts
  • Micro Modeling, Trip Distribution, Assignment and Mode Split
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Parking Requirements
  • Site Access and Circulation
  • Traffic Impact Study Report
  • Car Parking – Concept Design
  • Road Widening and newly proposed Mitigation Measures
Total Land Use

24, 664 sq.m

Project Completion

For more information please contact
Mona Nasr,