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CRTC offers expertise and a wide spectrum of services for the management, administration and on-site supervision of different types of construction projects including: buildings, roads, highways and infrastructure projects. Each member of the team is highly experienced to supervise and regulate the contractor’s work according to the approved shop drawings, technical specifications & conditions using approved and tested materials after passing standard QA/QC procedures.

Working on variety of projects in terms of type, size, scope, and complexity allowed our engineers to gain important skills such as proactive thinking which they use to anticipate what problems and risks that might happen and immediately take corrective and preventive measures to prevent it from happening, thus saving a lot of the projects resources to be utilized somewhere else.

We periodically update our client of the project’s progress and act as a connecting link between the client and the contractor in order to clarify and ensure that each and all of the client’s concerns and visions are addressed and met throughout the project phases which will allow the final handing over to run smoothly and without any delay.

With CRTC clients may feel free during the construction to adjust and/or alter the design in any way they desire; although this may affect time and cost; CRTC’s team is well aware and experienced of all the local authorities’ requirements which will save a lot of time in acquiring amended approvals whenever applicable.

Our specialty areas include:

  • Administration of Construction Contracts.
  • Scheduling.
  • Design Clarification.
  • Shop Drawings Review.
  • Review of Documentation Submittals (such as Material Submittals and Method of Statements).
  • Monitor and approve of test made on site and/or Third Party Laboratory.
  • Site Inspection and Supervision.
  • Review and process Payment Claims.
  • Budgetary Control.
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Progress Meetings.
  • As Constructed Surveys.
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
  • Claim Review Services.
  • Final Commissioning/ Close-out.
  • As-Built Drawings.
  • O&M Program Development.